Black Cluster Mailbox Against Orange Wall

Who Is Responsible For Cluster Mailboxes

Whether you live in an apartment block or in a small community, you may wonder who is responsible for cluster mailboxes? Find out the answer here.
Who is responsible for broken mailboxes

Who Is Responsible For Broken Mailboxes

If your mailbox is in need of repairs but you’re not sure who is responsible or how to go about it, you can find out everything you need to know here.
someone putting mail into a street letterbox

Who Invented The Mailbox

Ever wondered who invented the mailbox? Find out more about influential African-American inventor Philip B. Downing and Roy Joroleman here.
row of mailboxes at different heights

How High Should A Mailbox Be

Wondering how high a mailbox should be? If you’re installing a new mailbox, check out this guide on the correct height for mailboxes according to USPS.
Navy dropbox-stype residential mailbox

How Much Is A Mailbox

If you need to install a new mailbox, you’re probably wondering “how much is a mailbox?” Find the answer in this quick guide on mailbox costs.
How to replace a mailbox

How To Replace A Mailbox

Is your mailbox looking a bit worse for wear? It might be time for a new one. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to replace a mailbox here. 
bunch of brightly painted mailboxes with painted flowers

How To Paint A Mailbox

A fresh coat of paint to your mailbox is all it takes to elevate your home. Follow these simple steps on how to paint a mailbox and give it a new look! 
How to open a mailbox without a key

How To Open A Mailbox Without A Key

Are you locked out of your mailbox and aren’t sure what to do next? Find out how to open a mailbox without a key and without breaking it.
How to build a brick mailbox

How To Build A Brick Mailbox

Learn how to build a brick mailbox from scratch. In this article, we cover what materials and tools you need as well as easy-to-follow building steps.
How To Set A Mailbox Post

How To Set A Mailbox Post

Are you installing a new mailbox? Follow this guide on how to set a mailbox post to ensure your new mailbox is sturdy and secure in the ground.
What Do Dryer Sheets In Mailboxes Mean?

What Do Dryer Sheets In Mailboxes Mean?

As summer rolls around, you may find dryer sheets appearing in your mailbox. But what do dryer sheets in mailboxes mean? Find out the answer here.
How to build a mailbox post

How To Build A Mailbox Post

Making a new mailbox post is easier than you think. If your existing post is starting to look a bit worn down, here’s how to build a mailbox post.