Does your house go unnoticed when someone drives by? Do you want to stand out from the rest of your neighborhood?

A Personalized Mailbox could be the Solution

Custom Mailboxes are not a fad or trend that will fade away anytime soon. They can be a timeless piece at the end of your driveway that let's everyone know where you live. Long over are the days where every mailbox and house had to be the same. So what kinds of customizations are available?


There are a wide variety of different Mailbox styles available today, ranging from vintage, modern to contemporary. They can be mounted on your standard 4x4 wooden post, placed on a custom holder or even mounted in a stone column. 


With the recent implementation of the USPS 7C standard, mailboxes have gotten even bigger. This new standard hopes to address the overwhelming trend of e-commerce shipments being sent through the United States Postal Service. Please do keep in mind that only the USPS is allowed to deliver to your mailbox and other carriers such as FedEx, UPS or Amazon are barred from delivering to your mailbox due to the "Mailbox Restriction Law". [insert link here]


Mailboxes can be made from various materials and include a variety of finished. The most common materials are aluminum, galvanized steel and plastic (polyethylene). Plastic mailboxes will include a UV inhibitor to reduce the amount of damage caused by the sun and those made from metal will be powder coated to ensure they do not corrode and rust over time. While there are standard colors, including black, bronze, grey, granite, blue, yellow etc.. some manufacturers will paint a mailbox using any desired color for a premium price.


The amount of personalization per mailbox will vary greatly dependent on the model the most common is your house number. Others will allow you to even add your street name, last name or even a short saying. For those who strive to take it a step further they can include landscaping features to further accentuate their mailbox with the use of flower, shrubbery or stones. As long as the location and installation meets the USPS guidelines there are no limitation on what you can do.

Custom Mailbox FAQ

How Much does a Custom Mailbox Cost?

Prices can vary greatly depending on the level of personalization, starting from $80 all the way up to $600 and above. The cost is heavily associated with the brand quality of the products. While these items are expensive they are built to last much longer than your standard sheet metal or plastic mailbox that likely needs to be replaced every few years.

Who Manufacturers Personalized Mailboxes?

Two of the leading manufacturers in this space are Whitehall Products and Special Lite Products. They are both well know for their quality products, attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

How long do Custom Mailboxes take to Manufacture?

Due to the time is takes to make individually customized items the lead times are generally no less then 2 weeks but you shouldn't have to wait more than 4 weeks. This time also depends heavily on the time of year, with spring being the busiest season in the industry often resulting in longer manufacturing times due to the increased seasonal volume.


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