Does your neighborhood have a problem with mail theft? If you want to keep your mail safe, the best option is to upgrade your mailbox. Locking mailboxes come in all sorts of shapes and sized to suit every project. Let's take a moment to go over some of the criteria that you should consider while choosing the right model for your project.


Where will your mailbox be mounted?

Wall Mount - Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes will be mounted to the side of your building. The courier will walk up to your building and drop off any mail and small packages. These mailboxes can either be mounted directly to a building wall or may come in the form of a mail slot. As is with all mailboxes, it was be clearly visible and properly labeled with the house/unit number.

Wall Mounted Jayco Industries Letter Locker
Curbside/Post Mount - A locking post mount mailbox is installed curbside according to the latest United States Postal Service standard, USPS STD 7C.The post man will drive up with the mail truck and deposit the mail without leaving the vehicle. As a first time locking mailbox buyer you may also choose between an in-ground post or surface mount post style. In-ground posts are simply installed by digging a hole and setting the post in concrete. A surface mount, also known as a break away post is mounted to a pre existing concrete or stone surface. In-ground posts are most common in residential applications.

Post Mounted Mailbox Mail Boss Package Master


While any material can be used, as long as it sturdy and resistant enough to withstand being outdoor exposed to the elements. The most common materials are:
Steel - Electro-Galvanized Welded steel, stainless steel are to two popular options for any type of security mailbox. The material is extremely sturdy and durable and difficult to tamper with. Steel is best when powder coated to ensure it doesn't rust when exposed to the elements. While stainless steel is corrosion resistant, it is a far more expensive yet durable long lasting option.
Aluminum - Aluminum is a great light weight option but is generally not as durable as steel. It is rust resistant but it will corrode over time unless it is properly coated.

Access Type: Front Access vs Rear Access

Front Access - is the most common whereby the contents of the mailbox can only be access through a secure opening at the front of the locking mailbox.
Rear Access Mailboxes - allow you to safely retrieve your mail from the back side without having the step into the street.
There are some mailboxes which feature both front and rear for ultimate convenience.


Do you intend to receive mail only or also small parcels?
If you are big on online shopping you should consider purchasing a mailbox that is able to accommodate small packages as well. Parcel drop boxes are also available, which are designed specifically to accept larger packages. While most larger packages are delivered directly to your door via FedEx, UPS or other third party carriers, items such as prescriptions are often delivered by USPS so a larger size locking mailbox will be advantageous under many circumstances.

Outgoing Mail

If you regularly send mail be sure your mailbox is designed to be full service. Full service mailboxes are designed to allow the carrier to pick up outgoing mail.

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