How Does a Locking Mailbox Work?

A locked mailbox can be a great solution to prevent mail theft and protect incoming deliveries. This type of crime is on the rise, with thieves targeting mail delivery to steal packages and sensitive information from unsuspecting homes. A locking mailbox can work against this, preventing mailbox theft by denying access to thieves, while still making it easy for your mail carrier to make deliveries.

If you're looking to invest in a secure mailbox to protect your incoming mail, read on! We're going to explain just how locking mailboxes work, the different kinds of secure mailboxes you can invest in, and the benefits they hold over a standard mailbox.

How Locking Mailboxes Work

A locking mailbox works by providing a safe place for a postal carrier to deposit mail that cannot be accessed by a mail thief. A locking mailbox will have an incoming mail door, where a mail carrier can deposit your letters and small packages. This opening is large enough to accept incoming mail but small enough to prevent hands from getting in.

Once deliveries are put into the mail door, the delivery will fall and be stored in the larger box of the unit. This storage area is protected by a lock, making it accessible only to the mailbox owner.

The exact way your locking mailbox functions will vary depending on the exact model of the mailbox, but they all generally work in this way. Let's explore the different kinds of locking mailboxes out there and how they work.

Types of Locking Mailboxes

There are all kinds of locking mailboxes on the market, designed to suit different kinds of deliveries, homes, and businesses. Let's explore some of the common kinds you'll see when shopping for a secure locking mailbox.

Wall Mounted Mailboxes

A locking wall mounted mailbox is a popular form of mailbox, especially for those looking for a residential mailbox. A wall mount mailbox can be mounted securely to a home on an exterior wall with brackets. Due to this style of installation, these mailboxes are often suited for letter mail and small packages only, better for more lightweight deliveries.

Curbside Locking Mailboxes

Residential curbside locking mailboxes are also a super popular option, similar to the standard mailbox found in most homes. A curbside mailbox will be installed in a residential area near the curb, providing easy access for your postal carrier. A curbside locking mailbox is often mounted to the ground either with an in-ground post, or a secure base plate.

Locking Cluster Mailboxes

A cluster mailbox system is the kind of residential mailbox system you'd see in a private neighborhood, condo, or apartment complex. These usually come in the form of large boxes, with multiple mailbox units assigned to residents that the mailbox serves.

A postal carrier will have a master key that opens a back panel of this box, allowing them access to all individual mailbox units to deposit mail and packages. Then, they will close the unit, so residents can retrieve their mail with their own personal key, assigned to their specific box.

Types of Mailbox Locks

There are also different kinds of locks that your mailbox can be fitted with, depending on the individual mailbox model. (You can read about this in more detail in our guide here.) Common locking mechanisms include:

Key Locks

Most individuals will be familiar with a key lock. These work exactly as it sounds: your mailbox will have an assigned mailbox key, which will give you access to your mail collection box. This kind of mailbox can be more or less secure than other kinds of locks, depending on the security level of your given lock.

Locking mailboxes that are more budget-friendly are typically fitted with a standard lock and key. These can keep mail secure, however, these locks can be broken into if a particularly crafty mail thief knows how to pick it. However, if you invest some more money, you can have a locked mailbox fitted with an anti-pick lock, or fit your mailbox with additional deadbolt security to protect it from brute force.

Combination Locks

Some individuals may prefer to have their mailbox fitted with a combination lock. Rather than have your mail protected by a key, you can set your mailbox lock to be opened with a specific security code.

This can be convenient for families or busy commercial businesses, providing access to a wide range of people without the need to make multiple copies of your mailbox key. However, you also run the risk of someone correctly guessing the combination to gain access.

Why Should I Buy a Locking Mailbox?

There are plenty of things that make locking mailboxes a worthwhile replacement for typical residential or commercial mailboxes. These include:

Identity Protection: A locking mailbox will keep your mail safe, which can protect you from identity theft. Mail thieves can access a lot of personal information from your mail, including your name, birth date, SIN number, and more. A locking mailbox can help to protect this info.

Secure Deliveries: The largest benefit of a locking mailbox is protecting your mail and deliveries. People can't be home all the time, and there will be periods where packages and mail will be left in your mailbox and doorstep for an extended amount of time. With a secure mailbox, your deliveries will be safe until you have time to retrieve them.

In Conclusion

Locking mailboxes are an easy way to keep your mail and deliveries secure, to prevent mail theft before it happens. Whether you need a new mailbox for residential or commercial purposes, there are many different models out there that can suit your specific needs.

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