Where Can I Buy a Locking Mailbox?

Have you experienced mailbox theft before? If so, investing in a secure mailbox is something you should seriously consider.

Homeowners having a locking mailbox is a growing trend, with individuals looking to keep their deliveries safer and more secure. Mail theft is on the rise, with the stealing of small packages and mail becoming an increasingly normal experience. A lockable mailbox presents the perfect solution for those looking to protect their incoming mail deliveries, and have more peace of mind.

What is a Locking Mailbox?

A locking mailbox is a mailbox that will keep incoming deliveries safe. They function just like regular mailboxes, except when mail and packages are deposited, they are stored deep within the mailbox unit, in a holding area that is only accessible with a key.

Think of a commercial mailbox in a postal office, or a curbside mailbox you'd see on the street to submit your own outgoing mail. With these units, you open a door to deposit your letter, which gets stored inside safely. Then, a United States mail carrier will come and retrieve them for mail delivery with their own key. Locking mailboxes function just like this, except they are used on your own personal residence, to collect your deliveries.

Locking Mailbox Benefits

Anyone who is looking to protect mail and parcel deliveries from a potential mail thief should consider investing in a locking mailbox. There are a ton of benefits to these units, which make them worth the investment.

Identity Protection

One of the largest benefits of residential locking mailboxes is the ways they work to protect individuals from identity theft. The United States Postal Inspection Service has advised individuals that the best way to prevent identity theft is to protect sensitive information, including your name, birth date, social security number, etc. from being stolen. Unfortunately, this kind of information is commonly found on important pieces of delivered mail.

If people can access sensitive information via your mail, identity theft becomes all too easy. The easiest way to prevent this is to deny them access to your mail, which is easy to do if it's secure behind a lock and key. In cases like these, a mailbox with a key lock is important, working to keep your identity and mail safe from thieves.

Prevent Mail Thieves

As we've touched on above, lockable mailboxes are also great for protecting your mail from mail thieves. Nobody can be home all the time, and there will often be times when deliveries are left waiting on your doorstep. Mail theft takes advantage of these times to steal packages.

When you call customer service to complain about your item that never came, when they see it was delivered, it will be considered your loss. Residential locking mailboxes can prevent this from happening, allowing postal workers to deposit deliveries somewhere safe and secure.

Hold More Mail

As locking mailboxes are designed to have a holding area for deposited deliveries, they can often hold much more mail than the average residential mailbox. If you're the kind of person who isn't home often, or spends periods of time out of town, increased mail storage will be a beneficial security feature for you to have. You won't have to worry about your small mailbox filling up, or packages left lingering on your porch after mail delivery.

Buying the Best Locking Mailbox: Our Recommendations

Now that you're familiar with the appeal of these mailboxes, you're probably ready to invest! Those looking to buy residential locking mailboxes should look no further than Mailbox Empire. We have a wide range of mailboxes, including a huge selection of both residential mailbox and commercial mailbox solutions.

You can click here to view our full range, but here are some of our top recommendations. 

For Standard Letters: Mail Boss Metro Security Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

Mail Boss Metro Mailbox in Black mounted on wall next to door

This Mail Boss mailbox is perfect for those looking for a wall mounted locking mailbox that can hold average letter mail. This mailbox can be mounted on the wall, or fitted with an in-ground post if needed. It has a latching door where a mail carrier can deposit letters and is protected with an anti-pick, anti-drill, commercial-grade 12 disc wafer lock. It's made of secure steel and comes in a wide range of colors, to suit your personal style!

For Small Packages: Jayco Industries Super Letter Locker

Jayco Industries Super Letter Locker in Grey with package

Those who receive regular package deliveries need a locking mailbox with a bit more storage space, which makes this locking mailbox an ideal solution. The Super Letter Locker is designed with a larger mail opening and storage container, to hold letters, legal envelopes, and small packages.

This mailbox can also be customized to suit your unique needs! You can choose the metal this box is made of, color, where the lock access is located, and the security level of lock needed. Whether you need a high-security mailbox for a commercial space or a lower security solution for your residence, this mailbox has got you covered.

Best Curb Appeal: Mail Boss Double Mail Manager Locking Mailbox & Post

Mail Bos Double Mail Manger Street Safe Latitude in Black mounted on 43" In-Ground Post

For those looking for a truly simple solution that looks great by their curb, we recommend this mailbox solution from Mail Boss. This is great for residents who want a locking mailbox that doesn't go over budget, while still providing top security. This is a small, sturdy USPS approved mailbox that can handle holding letter mail and small packages. All you need to do is mount this mailbox into the ground, either with an in-ground or surface mount post. Installation is easy, and once installed, you will no longer have to worry about mail theft.

In Conclusion

Mail theft is on the rise, but thankfully, locking mailboxes are an easy solution. The kind of locking mailbox you choose will be unique to you, your needs, and the kind of mail you regularly receive. Regardless, though, we highly recommend the investment to protect yourself and your mail. If you're looking to buy a locking mailbox, we highly encourage you to browse our full selection at Mailbox Empire. We have a ton of selection and can help you find the best locking mailbox for you.

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