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In a previous article, we covered the steps for building a brick mailbox. In this follow-up piece, we’ll take your brick mailbox design to the next level.

Let’s explore 10 unique ways to make brick mailboxes stand out with greater curb appeal and leave a lasting impression on passersby.

From creative embellishments to innovative designs, we’ll share imaginative ways to transform your mailbox into a true neighborhood head-turner.

1. Rustic Brick Mailbox

Want to infuse some rustic charm into your masonry mailbox? It’s pretty easy. Start by grabbing some weathered or reclaimed bricks ― you know, the kind that has seen their fair share of life. These bricks bring that vintage, lived-in vibe to the mix.

Now, here’s the kicker.

Toss on a wooden roof, one with a cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel. Make sure it’s got that shingle texture for extra touch. The wood complements those well-aged bricks beautifully, creating a harmonious blend of materials for your custom brick mailbox.

2. Classic Brick With a Twist


Classic brick mailboxes are known for their enduring appeal and architectural style, blending seamlessly with the traditional architecture of many suburban neighborhoods.

However, this design takes things up a notch with some twists. It starts with that familiar, reliable brick structure.

But instead of uniform brickwork, it features intricate decorative patterns created by various contrasting brick colors ― rich red bricks complemented by subtle earthy tones or striking black bricks paired with creamy whites.

These contrasting hues add a dynamic quality to your mailbox, giving it a touch of artistry.

3. Stepped Pyramid Mailbox Design

Get ready to turn heads in your neighborhood with a mailbox that’s as cool as it is functional. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your mailbox, this DIY project is a must-try.

It looks like a mini pyramid made of weathered bricks stacked neatly in tiers. And tucked within those bricks is a vintage metal mailbox to collect your daily mail.

What makes it clever?

One of the pyramid’s steps does double duty ― showing off your street number and hiding a discreet slot for your morning paper, making it a mix of style and smarts that’s sure to impress.

4. Modern Brick Mailbox Design With Letter Hatch

If your home boasts clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, this modern brick mailbox design is tailor-made for you. Its beauty lies in its simplicity ― constructed with sleek, high-quality dark bricks stacked meticulously in a flawless, repeating pattern.

What truly sets it apart is the discreetly placed mail slot, nestled inconspicuously in the center. This thoughtful positioning ensures it doesn’t disrupt the mailbox’s minimalist allure.

In a nutshell, it embodies modern elegance and functionality that seamlessly blend into your home’s contemporary architectural style.

5. Post-Mounted Mailbox With Brick Column

Opting for something other than a mail slot or hatch? How about a post-mounted mailbox with a twist? This design features a classic brick column as its sturdy foundation. It proudly cradles a protruding horizontal postbox adorned with the street name and house number, adding a personal touch to your mailbox.

To cap it off, you can add a sleek capstone that perfectly complements the support bracket’s color to create a seamless, suburban aesthetic. It’s more than just a standard mailbox; it’s a functional work of art that brings beauty and convenience right to your doorstep and for the block to enjoy.

Want a custom mailbox for this design? Check out our collection.

6. Classic Arch Brick Mailbox With Two Newspaper Slots

This brick mailbox design is an excellent choice if you’re all about keeping things classic while making life easier with a handy newspaper holder.

The classic arch-shaped brick mailbox comes with a unique twist, offering not one but two dedicated newspaper holders on either side. No more missing out on your daily news, and they stay nice and dry. Thanks to the arch design, the brick’s soft edges create a visually appealing appearance.

7. Stylish Brick Mailbox With Illuminating Top

A new brick mailbox does more than just hold your mail; it also helps people find your place. Got bricks on any part of your house? You’ll want to use the same or similar color when building this new brick mailbox to create a classy design that matches the house.

But here’s the coolest part: add a solar light on top that lights up at night.

You can build this yourself with some bricks, cement, a metal hatch box, and a light. Think of it as a mini lighthouse for your home ― it’ll make sure your guests never get lost, even in the dark.

8. Brickwork Foundation for Mail Posts

Closeup on brick laying blocks correctly on fence brick column

When it comes to mounted mailboxes, standalone mail posts are great and all. But, sometimes, you want to infuse more character into your existing mailbox.

That’s where this mailbox’s clever design comes into play. It not only provides durability but also elevates the mailbox’s curb appeal, making it a standout feature in any neighborhood.

You can even match your home’s material with the brick foundation for an extra touch of eye-catching style. Just remember, it’s important to meet the USPS mailbox height requirement.

And you’ve got options when it comes to bricks and how you stack them. Whether you’re going for that classic, weathered look or a contemporary, sleek appearance, the brickwork foundation is an excellent anchor for your mailbox.

9. Brick and Plant Combo

Brick mailboxes don’t have to be stark, and this design idea proves just that. Simply adding a planter box to your brick mailbox will blend the timeless appeal of bricks with nature’s vibrant beauty.

And you’ve got choices too ― surround the brick’s base with plants or adorn its top; it’s entirely up to you.

This thoughtful addition not only brings a touch of nature to your mailbox but also transforms it into a real head-turner. The contrast of the brick’s solidity with the organic beauty of plants creates an enchanting visual harmony.

10. Themed Brick Mailboxes

Here’s a mailbox design idea that reflects your ever-changing style or the spirit of the season. Themed brick mailboxes take the concept of a mailbox and turn it into a captivating canvas for your creativity.

These mailboxes come to life with added decorative elements that make them stand out even more. It’s like dressing up your mailbox for a special occasion every day.

You can adorn your mailbox with ribbons and bows for a touch of whimsy, fall leaves for an autumnal embrace, or a custom nameplate or address plaque to announce your unique identity. You can switch up the theme with the changing seasons or for special occasions.

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